Friday, March 14, 2014

Park Day Block Party at Flint and Magnolia Parks

This year, the Fruit and Nut Club has been trying to take a more celebratory approach to the park season and are trying to focus more on education, food and sharing the park experience. So far we have come to 3 parks and we're having a great time!

Please join us at Flint and Magnolia Park this Sunday March 16th at 10 AM till 2 PM

We will be getting into all sorts of fun, grilling, pruning, talking about the trees, mulching and hanging out. Please feel free to bring kids, come move some mulch, or just hang around and see what's going on.

If you're not sure what to expect, check out what else we've done this year:

From Greg: To start the season of park-parties off, we met on February 1st at the George Washington Carver Edible Park. Turnout was good, and we were able to split into several groups. We had a pruning demo from Andrew Goodheart, pruned (and marked for summer pruning) a number of apples and hazels and more, and cleared out the understory (except for pawpaws!) in the pawpaw/persimmon region. We also made some big cuts to open the canopy around the cornelian cherries, cut out some maples and locusts to give some more light to some struggling pears, and constructed a magnificent brush-wall, after clearing the hillside by the heartnut tree. We also, it must be said, consumed a number of delicious grilled hot dogs and an urn of High Five coffeehouse's finest, among other delights, and had a convivial good time in the city's oldest public edible park.


West Asheville Park: February 16th:

From Ramin: We brushed the snow aside to level a walking path along the hillside and moved thirsty elderberries from the dry hillside to the riparian zone below.  And, did you know you can gather nuts from a small bush?  Apparently the added chinquapins offer just that.  Walnuts took flight with the help of a 4-wood.  That's how you take urban agriculture sky high...


Montford Recreation Center: March 1st.

From Justin: The Montford Rec work day was another success for the Fruit Nuts! About 20 of us over the course of day mulched trees and put in mini-hugle beds, planted some pollintator supporting herbs, hung signs, did some light pruning, swapped elderberry cuttings, and feasted on hotdogs and kraut. Mark your calendars for the last 'front end fluff' of the season on March 16th in the park at the corner of Flint and Magnolia.



  1. What a fantastic it even Spring yet? Looove the picture of Candace and youngin. :D

  2. You folks are the most amazing people. Donating your time and energy for the betterment of our community and public spaces! Amazing!!!