Sunday, December 8, 2013

Big Thanks to Allie Iacocca (getting it together) and Geoffrey Steen (host) for pulling off such a fun and inspiring Fruit Nut party!
Pot Luck Dinner!
It's been a long "off season" for us fruit nuts, and it's easy to think that in all the hustle and bustle of summer that folks have forgotten about us. Now that we've had our first event, I know it's not true! At least 15 Fruit-o-haul-licks came, and we spent a long night talking about all the projects we've been getting into over the summer and fantasizing about what trouble we might get into this winter. We enjoyed these successes, despite the fact that the Buncombe County Fruit and Nut Club was beyond it's territory, in the mysterious hills of Madison County.

There was good energy buzzing around getting a planting and earthworks effort done in the near future, including from some new-to-the-club locals near the intended location. Folks crafted, cracked black walnuts and pecans, shared about different grafting tools and connected over some delicious food. I hope I don't overreach myself here, but I think I'd have to give the food prize to Allie, for showing up big with a delicious persimmon and pumpkin pie.

We even met someone, who previously unknown to the club, took it upon himself to plant a few blueberries where anyone in Asheville might feast on them for years to come. We say "cheers to you good fellow, and now - be among your fruity kin!"

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