Monday, April 4, 2011

North Asheville Tree Care Party

Ira shoveling "Eli Sludge"
 On Wednesday, March 30th a good looking crew of six North Asheville Urban Farmers and friends started their day sinking shovels into a 55 gallon drum of some good s@#t.  They then were off to the Flint Magnolia Park in North Asheville to spread that anaerobically digested goat manure on the three year old edible planting of  11 native trees, shrubs and vines.  
Service Berries in Bloom

 Upon initial inspection these trees were in dire need of some good ole' fashioned sheet mulch loving, and that was exactly what they received.  We hoed weeds away from the bases and then layered AZOMITE, leaves that were collected from around the park, cardboard from across the street and topped it off with some single ground mulch.  We also added tree guards to the bases of all the trees to prevent the deadly Jacobsons Disease.
Service Berry in need of some loving.
Mulched out and protected Service Berries.
Pecan with a serious case of Jacobsons disease.

After finishing at Flint Magnolia we were off to the Montford Rec Center to care for the vast array of Edibles that have been put in over the last 15(?) years.  There are some very established Oriental Persimmon, Apple, Pear, and Plum trees along with Fig, Elaeagnus, Elderberry, Blueberry, Chinese Date, Cornelian Cherry, Paw Paw and a few mystery trees that I have to check in with Bill on.  If you have not checked out this Gem of a public space it is a must.  It is a pretty harsh site so the trees were shaking their limbs with joy upon witness of Fruit Nuts bearing hoes, amendments, and wheelbarrows brimming with Organic Matter.
Montford Rec Center. 

The crew.
A big shout out to all who lent a hand on this amazing 90%-chance-of-rain-without-a-drop day.  Camaraderie and laughter were at an all time high and the air was thick with community building and education.