Wednesday, February 13, 2013

West Asheville Park Party

We couldn't have had a nicer day to celebrate the fourth year of the edible planting in the West Asheville Park.  The original trees put on a tremendous amount of growth last year and are looking fine.  

Greet and Meet
Fruit nuts loving the trees

Three European hybrid Hazelnuts looking fine

The Hazelnuts had there first crop last season with the potential for a great harvest this year.  The Mulberry is now about 15 feet tall and has a huge amount of fruiting wood, just have to beat the birds to the berries.  The two American Persimmons and two Paw Paw's that were planted last year received extra attention and now have big "eye brows" (or berms) to help water to infiltrate the root zone and promote growth.  All plants were treated to a good weeding, scoops of mineral amendments, a generous heap of compost, and a layer of mulch.  

Elder's hanging with the Elderberries

Lunch and some cornhole

We took a break for lunch, played some cornhole and were treated to a talk about Native Edibles.  The majority of the plants here are native which is a testament to their success.  Natives are more resilient because they are locally adapted to the soil and climate of a particular bio-region.  Ramin then told the group about the signs being made by first graders at Francine Delaney New School just down the road.  They will be installed by club members and the students on March 1st at 1pm.  Tomas then gave a demonstration on how to properly split locust rounds into stakes, which will be used to hold the new signs.  
Tomas splitting  locust stakes for signs that were made by first graders at Francine Delaney

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