Wednesday, February 6, 2013

North Asheville Tree Care Skill Share

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, a group of 20 Fruit Nuts gathered at the Montford Recreation Center with one thing in mind......wheelbarrow race!  So after we got that out of our systems we began a fun filled day of learning and implementing the front end fluffing the mature edible planting at the center.  We built burms around the base of all the trees to catch rain water and direct it toward the root zone.  We followed that with a dose of magic fairy dust aka organic slow release nutrients that we forked into the ground around the trees to get it to the roots.  The trees also received a generous helping of the infamous "Eli Sludge" (anaerobically digested goat manure) and compost from Crowell Farms.  We then placed a layer of cardboard down to hold back any grass or weeds that were thinking about trying to take nutrients away from our trees.  On top of the cardboard we placed a generous helping of leaves that we gathered from around the site, followed by a heaping pile of every trees favorite thing MULCH!!

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