Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Furious fructose fiends fan out out for fruit fluffing foray

Furious fructose fiends fan out out for fruit fluffing foray

It was on a delightful April sunday morning that the BFNC set out to do what they do so well throughout Asheville town- Praise the load!
At the church of the Holy Riparian Backstop in a low laying storm drain located at the arm pit of Hall Fletcher Elementary school did the deacon of delicious fruit, Gabbi, speak praises of the load from a top her cardboard box soon to be turned to mulch. She regaled the congregation in the ways of rebirth , renewal, regeneration as we spread compost, soil ammendments, cardboard and wood chips over a desolate corner of the playing fields laid to waste by sewer workers. This the second phase of the recreation of the garden of eden.
"What!" you may ask, "there were no trees planted?". "Blasphemy!" You further expell, agast. "What are these so called, BFNC'ers, who extoll the planting of fruit trees on the holiest of spring mornings idling away spreading the load but not planting trees doing? How can I be a part of such frivolity, foolishness, and frolic? Like spring struck sprites in spontaneous sport-
Gabbi might say in words of elloquence so natural as though it flows from a metal pipe draining water away from drought stricken barren urban landscapes. "You see, we will do it in the Fall when its easier for trees to transplant and we can only plant as much as what the club can  take care of for the next 10 years and we dont have enough members to plant more trees. Planting trees is like having a baby... (I dont think this part is from her experience) so much fun and satisfying , but it is only the beginning. Dont plant trees, or have babies for that matter, if you wont continue to take care of them. Hopefully they will grow up heathy and then take care of you, she may add" 

The congregation adjurned inspired by the hands on healing they did from soil preparation and fungal enhancemnet, to erosion control of soil ripped gullies. A most interesting technique was inaugurated by the said slack members of the BFNC, where in, an elederberry that thwarted the the cities massive track hoe from completely annialating the orginal planting, like a chinese individual thwarting the tanks in Tienamen square, China, was now called upon to thwart the erosion of our schools. Ditches were dug on contour across the the gullies of eroding free thought and the development of the purpose of an individual's soul gift contribution to this world, and the elderberry trunk, roots and all, was laid in the ditch with the bourgening leaves pointing up all along the ditch backed by a small dead log, and compost laid ontop of this main stem with the leaves still above soil level. As we all know how well elderberries layer, a mat of roots will spread and stabilize the soil the nutrients meanwhile catching water furthering the regeneration of the barren slope. Regeneration will revive and return the riparion region righteously.

This event inaccurately reinacted by T. Bone Backslide

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